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Dramatic painting of a warship being attacked by a flying battleship
"Build ridiculous ships, fight impossible battles, make lots of explosions" — Rami Ismail


  • Charge into an extensive, story-driven single-player campaign, composed of small, pick-up-and-play missions.
  • Take aim against the hordes of enemy ships, aircraft, submarines, and aircraft carriers, as well as bosses like a flying battleship, a colossal ice fortress, a gun made out of a volcano, and more in this alternate-history World War II.
  • Fire hundreds of different weapons, including naval artillery, anti-aircraft guns, rockets, torpedoes, missiles, and advanced systems like railguns and lasers.
  • Design your own custom warship with a powerful ship designer. Quickly and easily create the ship of your dreams, and the enemy's nightmares!
  • Customize your ship with flags, decals, paint jobs, and cosmetic parts.
Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing the player fighting a group of enemy ships. Artillery shells and rockets are flying everywhere. Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing the ship designer. A destroyer is being built. The destroyer is decorated with flags, paint, and an angry mouth at the prow. Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing enemy aircraft being shot down by lasers, fired by the player's ship.

About the Game

Waves of Steel is a build-your-own-warship arcade naval combat game. Tyrants with access to far too many weapons are plunging the entire world into conflict, and it's up to your small crew to fight back. Battle the enemy's fleets, steal their technologies, and build the ultimate warship. You'll need all the power you can get; the other side is working tirelessly to create a weapon so powerful that nothing can resist it.

The primary inspiration for Waves of Steel was the Naval Ops series, released on the Playstation 2. Waves of Steel has also been compared to Ace Combat, Earth Defense Force, and Kerbal Space Program.

Painting of a warship with far too many guns. It is being shot at by an unknown assailant Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing a group of enemy destroyers paradropping into combat. In the distance, a flight of colossal jets are departing; implicitly, they dropped the ships.
Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing a briefing before combat. A map of the terrain is visible, with many enemies marked. A character is saying "Worst case, you buy us some time, which we'll use to set up a ground assault."

About the Team

Chris Weisiger (founder, TMA Games)

Chris (Twitter) is a veteran of the software development industry. He dabbled in game development throughout his life, but only recently took the plunge and started doing it full-time. Past unreleased projects include a bullet-hell dodge-em-up, a procedurally-generated Metroidvania, and contributions to the classic roguelike game "Angband". Waves of Steel is not his first project, but it is by far his largest. It's now been close to three years, the game's still going strong, and Chris has no interest in returning to industry work!

Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his dog, Pavlov.

Nessa Cannon (writing)

Nessa Cannon (Twitter) is a freelance game writer and narrative designer from Southern California known for her work on games like OnlyCans, Forever Ago, and Waves of Steel! She also was part of the organizing team on A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids, a horror anthology Kickstarter project. In 2020 she participated in two PAX panels about how life experience impacts narrative design approach, and the narrative design of the movie Midsommar. Before working in games, she was a youth chess coach, and her love for chess continues to inform her games work!

When she’s not writing, Nessa is playing Sea of Thieves, watching horror movies, or hanging out with her dog, Ougi.

Mikel Dale (music)

Mikel Dale (Twitter) is a British and Spanish-Basque video game composer based in Los Angeles. Credits include 3D brawler Over My Dead Body and upcoming projects such as monster RPG Cryptonom and 2D open-world platformer Kandria. Mikel’s style ranges from quirky jazz grooves, epic orchestral boss battles to ambient electronic music, all tailored to the needs of the game. After graduating in composition from the Royal College of Music, Mikel assisted 2-time Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin (Civilization IV, Splitgate, Old World) before becoming a full-time game composer.

Various artists

Waves of Steel's 2D art owes its existence to the efforts of the following people:

Portrait of Sidra Karim, one of the characters in Waves of Steel. She is a muscular Indian woman, with a pair of pistols in a harness. She is giving a saucy salute.
Heavily stylized full-body portrait of Arbuthnot, one of the characters in Waves of Steel. He is holding a sword high and pointing, while shouting joyfully.

Basic stats

Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing the player fighting the Flying Battleship, an early boss enemy. It is a massive winged battleship, with rocket boosters holding it aloft. Screenshot of Waves of Steel, showing details of a weapon in the ship designer. The weapon is a 5in heavy anti-aircraft gun (flak gun).


Press kit (70MB)

Hero art

Character art of Sidra Karim Character art of Captain Quinn Character art of Captain Merriweather Character art of Lieutenant Nichols Character art of Admiral Weaver Character art of Agent Holland Character art of Arbuthnot